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  • Retubing of heat exchangers, steam condensers, chillers, steam boilers etc.

  • Electronic or pneumatic tube rollingwith
    final boring certification

  • Supply and Assembling of Anti-vibration
    tubes Fork at the steam inleat

  • Tubesheet damages restoring

  • Verify and non destructive testing of tube bundles

  • Internal tube cleaning mechanical or hydrodynamic

  • Mechanical assembly

  • Heat exchangers and steam boilers assembly

  • Normalized tube supply for heat exchangers: carbon steel, stainless steel, copper tubes, CuNi tubes, Allbrass tubes, Titanium tubes





Tube rolling is one of the most important activity during the replacement of shell of tubes.

The tube is rightly rolled when it has been stressed over its yield load but not over its break-down point and its tubesheet is not stressed over its yield point.

Procedure must include a uniform tube rolling throughout the tube without any furrow on the already rolled part.

Optimal tube rolling has to be completed in a unique solution.

The percentage of reduction is decided by the builder or directly by our Company on the basis of specific tests results made on the mock up in which we define the pull test and the torque moments.




K = thinning thickness
rate of the tube
s = tube thickness
before tube rolling
D = hole diameter
of the tubesheet
d = outer diamete
of the tube
T = Internal diameter
of the tube after tube rolling
t = Internal diameter
of the tube before tube rollin

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